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Who would have known that 84% of Texas' wealthiest people are insured within three carriers? They are and we have all three of them. You see, most captive carriers are geared more toward your middle income insureds. At ARA, we've identified the gaps of coverage and lack of personal property protection most offer. Our PCS group is designed to insure all of your biggest assets like Luxury Homes, Yachts, Planes, Art collections, Jewelry, Furs, and the list goes on. Stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and let us design an insurance policy that fits your needs.

Have you outgrown your current insurance agency? Don’t settle for less, expect more from Arredondo Risk’s Private Client Services.

Arredondo Risk Advisors represents the top four insurance carriers that insure 80% of America’s wealthiest individuals and families.

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