New Year, New Insurance Policy

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Much can change in a year.  Take for example the change that last year brought to companies around the world.  How did your business respond to the pandemic? How will your business change moving forward?

What Questions Should Business Owners Ask When Choosing a New Insurance Policy?

These are questions business owners, like myself, have to be constantly asking ourselves.  Just like we have New Year’s Resolutions for our personal well being, the same should be said for our businesses. 

  • What goals did you set for 2020? Were they accomplished? What did we learn and can we do better? 

There is no question that 2021 is going to bring it’s own challenges. 

  • What will those challenges be? What opportunities can we identify from these challenges?

How Can Your Business Be The Very Best Version Of Itself?

With all these changes to how businesses operate now a days, the chances are likely that your Risk Management Program and Business Insurance are up for review.  Here at Arredondo Risk, we ask ourselves what we ask our clients:  

How can our business be the very best version of itself Right Here, Right Now?

Is It Time For a New Insurance Policy?

For each New Year, I’m including a free consultation offer and policy review of your company and/or Personal Insurance for January and February.  Give us a call at 281-566-2583 or email us at to schedule an appointment.


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